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A Closer Look at the Flour Milling Industry

For most of human history, flour milling has been a labour-intensive task. Flour milling precedes the dawn of agricultural production and has transformed from a manual task to a highly mechanical and efficient process as a reflection of social change and the evolution of technology.


Today, almost the entire flour milling method is automated allowing for a more efficient and effective production of flour and a more seamless process in transporting flour from the manufacturer to the shelves of your local grocery store. Machines like the flour grinder mill streamline the production of flour and play an important role in the milling process.


Flour milling is the mechanical process in which flour is produced from wheat through multiple stages of grinding and separation


While there are multiple processes that take place for flour to end up at your local grocery store – flour grinding is perhaps the most critical process involved. Flour milling is the mechanical process in which flour is produced from wheat through multiple stages of grinding and separation. Once the grains of wheat, corn, barley and other grains are separated from their constituent parts, they are ground in a flour grinder mill. Contemporary flour mills are programmed for efficiency – thus reducing the potential for human error. Machines like the flour grinder mill are able to operate for long periods of time without the need for an operator to be on site continuously.


But how does flour get to on to the shelves of our local grocery stores?


Manufacturers will purchase the grain inputs from wholesalers or directly from growers and process them into flour, starch, malt, and gluten. The manufacturers will then sell the semi-finished products to industry traders and other food processors who will further manufacture the flour into the finished, packaged products you see on the shelves at your local grocery store.


Interesting read! The flour milling industry has come a long way thanks to technological innovation!
Posted by: Samantha | January 11, 2019, 9:59 am
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