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Grinding & Classifying Systems

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Air Swept Classifier Mill

Air Swept Classifier MillEnlarge
Air Swept Classifier MillEnlarge
Air Swept Classifier MillEnlarge
Air Swept Classifier MillEnlarge

Air Classification Mill – The Heart of the System


Experts in fine powder processing, CMS’s Air Swept Classifier Mill is integral in innumerable solutions. Chosen for the efficient recovery of fine grinding machine powders, the Air Swept Classifier Mill’s completely enclosed leaving the environment dust-free with virtually no product loss during air classification.


How It Works

This air classification mill system uses air to carry the product through the fine grinding milling machine and classifying process. The product is fed by gravity through a rotary airlock (rotary valve) to the product injector. Product is blown into the impact mill chamber via the injector. The classifying which controls the particle size is done in the impact grinding mill chamber. From the grinding mill chamber, the fine powder is carried out by the air leaving the mill. The air and product is separated in a filter unit – bag house to ensure recovery of all fine grinding machine milled product.


The Air Swept Classifier Mill Offers:

  • Energy-efficiency that’s available in 3-to-600hp
  • An air classification mill that is easy to clean, maintain, and simple to operate
  • Multi-product users requiring quick product changeovers – with no cross-contamination – need to look no farther!
  • Easily adjustable particle size without system shutdown
  • Low grinding temperatures, tighter distributions and maximum capacities
  • Air classification mill with durability that’s customizable to 10 microns
  • Fine grinding machine capability plus greater control over particle size distribution
  • Solutions for all industries producing fine powders where control of grinding temperature and a narrow particle size distribution is of prime importance
  • Affordable air classification mill replacement parts in stock


One of the most valuable benefits this impact grinding air classification mill offers is its reliability over time. Our fine grinding machine systems are designed just for your product, this air classification mill will stand up to your production schedule, delivering superior quality product at peak operational efficiency.


Solid steel construction, both chamber and working parts are exceedingly long lasting – even in abrasive environments (internal components also available in stainless steel, Abrasive Resistant Material and Ceramic). For added safety, all mills above 5HP include a hydraulic lid lift – available in both co-axial and independent designs.


CMS’s combination of impact size reduction and classifying means more of your material remains within your particle size target zone so there’s less product loss. In addition, the combination of high air throughput and cooled grinding chamber allows heat sensitive products such a powder paint, to be run at higher capacities than ever thought possible.