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The impact mill is becoming a necessary machine in most of the industries. This is because the mill is designed to be durable, fast and efficient. Once you purchase the impact mill, you can be assured that you will not be replacing it anytime soon. The maintenance work that is needed is also small and the operation costs are minimal. The mill is usually small in size to make it more portable. It is made of a grinding mill that is about 16’’. This is capable of large productions where ultra-fine pulverization is needed. The particles produces are as fine as 200 mesh. However, this will depend on the hardness of material that you fed into the machine. The bench unit is capable of producing a 100-mesh fineness after a single pass. Most of the mills have two outlets for the removal of the ore. The outlets are the ones that allow you to use the mill in both dry and wet operations.

The bench unit together with the ore bin and the vacuum bag that is attached ensures that the dry ultra-fine powder is collected as it leaves through the top outlet. This goes through a hose into the bag.  If you want to operate wet processes, you will have to use the bottom outlet and block the top outlet. All the mills are designed to minimize the leakage of dust. This is to ensure that air pollution is minimized in your industry. There are some designs that come with hammers tipped with carbide for more wear resistance ability. There are also some additional features that are especially important when dealing with wet ore. You can find a variety of impact mill on the internet from manufacturers and suppliers depending on your requirements. The impact mill is an ideal solution for industries that need size reduction equipment. 

I will definitely be giving you a call about your impact mills
Posted by: janice | August 4, 2016, 3:09 pm
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