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Choosing a Flour Grinder Mill? Here’s How They Work

Flour grinder mills are used in crushing of large size and small size particles of grain into fine flour. There are several processes involved in the conversion of these solids to powder. The first step is the pouring the material into the grinding chamber, the material moves to the air cyclone then to the vibrating sieve. At this stage depending whether the material has disintegrated or not, it may proceed to the final part which is the hopper and await packaging or be taken back to the grinding chamber where the process of grinding is repeated.

How Does a Flour Grinder Mill Work?


The operation of a flour grinder mill utilizes disk plates which are usually placed vertically or horizontally and close to each other. They rotate at high speeds. The disk plates can be adjusted depending on the fineness of the flour required. Disk plates contain grinding teeth segments that perfectly lock together during grinding. For these plates to function at optimum efficiency, replacement or maintenance of the plates must be done from time to time due to the wear and tear they experience during the grinding process. In addition, there are other parts that contribute to the flour grinding such as the air blower and sifter. The sifter unit receives particles from the grinding plates and passes it to the next stage of grinding. The flour quality is measured by a method called dry flow.

Classifier Milling Systems deals with superior quality mills that are easy to integrate into your grinding processes. Our flour grinder mill is designed to give you an assurance of service for long periods of time. Its compact footing, mobility and simplicity in operation makes it stand out. It is advantageous for it is easy to maintain and gives high yield. For an efficient mill ask the experts.

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