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Pollution & Emission Control

Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors
Dust Collectors
Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors – With Efficiencies up to 99.99%

Designed for the material conveying, graphite grinding and powder processing industries, CMS, the expert in the field, manufactures completely compact, powerful dust collector systems that meet the strict guidelines set by environmental regulations. Add optimal filtering capabilities and attractive storage capacity, and you’ve got a winning solution. In fact, CMS’ models handle the toughest of products for system design pressures of up to 200wg and more. Our dust collectors can take on superfine dust waste produced during graphite grinding processes and more. 


Meet the Strict Guidelines Set by Environmental Regulations

  • Computer aided modular design for custom configurations
  • Handle a wide variety of product characteristics and conveying system configurations
  • Utilizes a standard radial inlet for most applications
  • Incorporates a tangential inlet which produces a cyclonic effect for heavy dust load separation
  • Come equipped with an added Venturi to induce secondary air to the cleaning system
  • Effective reduction in energy consumption and longer bag life
  • Custom designed nuisance dust collector units


Dust Collector Services – Keeping Your Air Clean & Safe

If you are in the graphite grinding industry stay on top of cleaning and maintenance with CMS’s follow-up visits. Take a moment now to schedule convenient, regular bag changes. From spare parts for all unit types, filter cages and ventures, CMS is there when you need them. We also perform repairs and service for existing dust collection systems. This is useful to keep the operational efficiency of such systems at optimal values to ensure more effective, cost-efficient dust collection that keeps your employees safe and your bottom line intact.


Ask about CMS’s:

  • Pulse jet
  • Bin vent
  • Cartridge type
  • Material handling
  • Filter receivers
  • Pick-up hoods
  • Cyclones
  • Air handling equipment
  • Scrubbers
  • Filter bags and cages
  • Cartridge type bags
  • Ventures
  • Complete system cleaning

Speak to one of our representatives today to find out more about our graphite grinding dust collectors, as well as other collectors for various grinding and machining systems.  

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