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International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference and Exhibition


The Powder Show is back - on April 24-26, CMS will attend three days of industry immersion and networking with the world's biggest names in processing and bulk material handling. 

CMS Leads the Way in Dry Sorbent Injection Technology


Classifier Milling Systems (CMS) is making a big impact as a clean energy solutions provider. 


Dry sorbent injection technology is a viable option for industries looking to comply with the latest regulatory requirements surrounding greenhouse gas emissions. These systems inject sodium bicarbonate (SBC) into a facility’s flue gas stream to reduce mercury, sulfur and hydrochloric acids as well as particulates.

Milling and Classifying for a More Efficient Sorbent


Dry sorbent injection systems are used primarily in coal-fired power plants to help reduce sulfur and mercury emissions and meet government regulations.  

2017 Business Excellence Awards


I've no doubt that you'll remember short listing for the 2017 Business Excellence Awards; with the results now in, I am pleased to be the bearer of good news!

Best Particle Size Reduction Milling Company 2017


Classifier Milling System has been crowned Best Particle Size Reduction Milling Company 2017! 

Try our Portable Table Top Lab System!


If you’re interested in our Air Swept Classifier System, but need a smaller machine, the Table Top Lab System is the perfect choice for you! It is the most convenient grinding system we offer and has just as many capabilities and impressive features as our larger machines.

CMS — Your Reliable Process Partner


Are you interested in taking advantage of the performance of our Air Swept Classifying system but don’t have room in your facility or enough capacity to justify the expense of purchasing one? Are you having a production spike and in need of additional throughput? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then our toll grinding and contract processing services are the perfect solution.

Your Project Put to the Test: At CMS, we have you try it on for Size


In the processing industry, scarce economic resources, increasing competitiveness, and ever-changing regulatory requirements are some of the challenges companies face when bringing new products to market. This leaves no room for error on the processing line — for maximum ROI, production objectives must be met from day one. When there is a dry powder in the mix, CMS’s laboratory test facility can play an important role in helping you meet the challenge.

Strike Gold with Our Spare Parts


Precision workmanship performed in accordance with stringent quality standards, combined with customer service that provides fast, efficient turnarounds — these are the defining characteristics of our replacement parts program.  

Top 5 Things You Should Know About Contract Manufacturing and Processing


In any industry, when you’re looking for contract manufacturing services, it’s good to have high expectations. Whether you’re toll grinding, manufacturing custom equipment, or producing pharmaceutical products – or any contract manufacturing process – here are the top five things you should be looking for from your service provider.

Get Swept Away by our Classifying Processes


Are you in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries? Is powder processing a main responsibility of your daily job activities? If so, then grinding and classifying processes, in order to reduce powder sizes, must be important methods for you.

Sweeping Away the Competition


Some companies are known for their 24-hour customer service and technical support. Others have clients who seek them out for on-site consultation or contract processing services. There are companies who solely focus on the specific grind-ability of materials, and the machinery to achieve this. One company that can do all of this? CMS Classifier Milling Systems.

Classifier Milling Systems Implements a 3-Phase Dry Capture System, Reduces Power Plant Emissions


Toronto, ON – April 2011 - Classifier Milling Systems (CMS), the designer and manufacturer of first-class processing equipment and systems for worldwide applications, has pioneered a “one stop solution” for reducing the emissions excreted by coal-fired power plants, flue gas desulphurization. Using their milling technology, milled proprietary materials and expert engineering capabilities, CMS is playing a significant role in the critical field of pollution and emission control with a 3-phase impregnation of flue-gas streams...