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Powder Grinder Mill – Factors that Influence Size Reduction

If you are in the market for a powder grinder mill, there are several factors that you need to take into account in order to strengthen your decision. The three most important factors include: the kind of material that will be processed, the desired grinding capacity, and the finished grind specification. It is important to provide the manufacturer will all the significant information in regards to the application of the powder grinder mill to determine whether it suits the requirements.

The most basic interpretation of powder grinding is the size reduction of large solid unit masses into very fine particles. The size reduction process is also typically known as comminution and grinding. Milling is particle size reduction through mechanical means, such as the powder grinder mill. Milling is required whenever the need for uniform material output is desired. In the pharmaceutical industry, if the powders are poly-dispersed and the particles come in various sizes, then this makes it difficult to produce dosage forms. In order for the production of pharmaceutical products to go smoothly, uniform sized particles are essential.

Size reduction depends on whether the material is in solid or liquid form. If the material is solid, the size reduction process is called grinding or cutting. If the material is in liquid form, the process is referred to as emulsification or atomization. Various equipment has been developed for the purposes of size reduction—the most popular of which is the powder grinder mill. There are various factors that will affect your choice but the decision usually depends on various considerations like material hardness, toughness, stickiness, moisture content, softening point, abrasiveness, and material structure.

There are other factors that are critical to size reduction processes. When hard substances are reduced in size, it can lead to abrasion on some parts of the size reduction equipment. Abrasive wear can lead to contamination, which requires proper cleaning of the equipment in between batches. Feed should be of proper size and should enter the powder grinder mill at a uniform rate to obtain fine powder. Knowing the material’s weight and bulk density is also advisable when choosing the appropriate powder grinder mill. Always consult with a respectable powder grinder mill manufacturer for best results.  

It's important to take in consideration the different factors like material hardness!
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