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Size Reduction Equipment

Size reduction equipment is equipments built with the ability to supply correct energy proportions to break different material bonds, using the hammer technology with an aim of reducing bigger particles to small sizes. The equipments achieve functionality using the four major forces of crushing namely; compression, impact, attrition and cutting.

Once you are able to define your need and understand the characteristics of the material you are using then without a doubt you will be sure that it will be easy to establish the type of machine you require. The market today offers equipments grouped in four principle types to serve different needs; Crushers are a heavy duty equipment breaking large pieces of solid material to small lumps can crush stones, coal, and brick, different crushers found in the market are Jaw crushers, gyratory crusher and crushing rolls. Secondly we have Grinders and Ultrafine grinders these are used to crush materials no larger than 6mm they are presented in the market as hammer mills, impactors, rolling compression mills, attrition mills and tumbling mills they are a best option when you need to crush feed into powder. While the ultrafine grinders as agitated mills and fluid energy mills. The last one being the cutting machines which include knife cutters, dicers, and slitters.

The ideal size reduction equipment is one which above all else has the ability to supply the correct energy on materials, excess energy is lost as heat therefore practically the best equipment is the one which keeps the loss to a minimum thus requires a small power input per unit of product.

All these equipments are built to last though the best size reduction equipment manufacturer is always ready to answer your installation questions, perform repairs with readily available spare parts and offer recommendation in cases of additional reduction needs.



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