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The Food Industry: Spice Grinding Mills

When spices and herbs are dried, they still have the essential oils which holds their taste and freshness. By grinding them, the taste is activated and added flavor and aroma to most dishes. That is why more cooks and consumers prefer to use ground spices. This places the spice grinding mill more in demanded than ever with food supply organizations. It can grind common spices including oregano, chili, pepper, clove, ginger, turmeric, basil, and many others. The list of spices that can be ground is endless.


The use of spice grinding mill offers great advantages for any enterprise based on food production, processing and distribution.


The machine does not need any foundation, meaning it can be installed easily and used immediately in any facility. Its compact design also does not require much space, making it great for installation even in congested commercial-size kitchens. The easy operation of a spice grinding mill needs no intensively skilled labor and is dust free.


There is also no very little need to invest in maintenance and will give any enterprise a quick return on investment. In terms of safety, CMS prides itself on offering only quality machinery that is approved for safe and secure operation. Operating it does not pose any pollution hazards and there is no by-product wastage.


In addition, a spice grinding mill can be fitted with an air blower to ensure a cool temperature that enhances natural color, flavoring, and the oils in the herb. As such, the finished powder products are of the highest standard. These fine spices are not only effective in providing a tasty meal but are nutritious and very beneficial to the health. The spice grinding mill comes in various models and sizes which allow for processing of spices at any scale. The smaller mills are perfect for kitchen use where fresh spices have to be ground regularly. The larger models are most useful for large scale spice grinding in food manufacturing facilities.


Whatever the size of your enterprise, Classifier Milling Systems offer the best in class spice grinding mill equipment for fine grinds. We can also provide sensible options for upgrades for current operations, ensuring greater more efficiency and functionality.


Contact CMS today to request an expert consultation!

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