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Top Nine Benefits of Toll Processing

Toll processing is a specialty service whereby companies whose products require the breakdown of solid materials into smaller pieces or particles can have batches processed for a set fee or “toll”.  Also called toll milling or contract processing, this increasingly common business service is used in manufacturing a wide range of products and industries.

There are two types of grinding involved in the processing of materials: dry grinding and wet grinding.  Dry grinding has lower capital and operating costs but is restricted in the number of products that can be manufactured using this process due to its limited ability to reduce particle size.  Wet grinding offers a number of benefits over dry grinding including greater flexibility in production options.

Wet grinding involves the milling of solid materials in a liquid medium.  The mixture of elements is processed using specialized equipment to break the product down into fine particles.  The wet grinding process is generally more complex and expensive, requiring additional steps, energy and labor.  However, the process has a higher efficiency with the ability to produce more products and generates finer particles sizes.

Benefits of Toll Processing

Toll processing services provide the following benefits:

  1. No capital expenses
  2. No additional cost for personnel or facilities
  3. No liability costs or insurance
  4. Decreased production costs
  5. Assortment of equipment available for various applications
  6. Experience with handling volatile or hazardous materials
  7. Customer service laboratory for support and testing
  8. Flexibility in changes to quantity or formulation
  9. Confidentiality agreement and process documentation available

Classifier Milling Systems offers a diverse range of toll processing services for wetted applications including grinding, milling, mixing, blending and compounding.  Specialized equipment utilizing advanced mill technology is used to process materials and achieve reduction in particle sizes to submicron and nanometer ranges.

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