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5 Integral Industrial Applications of a Hammer Mill

The principle operation of industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and food processing heavily depends on the ability to crush and mill materials into smaller pieces. They require a powder milling machine to achieve certain manufacturing requirements. A hammer mill in particular becomes an essential piece of machinery that helps these industries in processing different materials and substances for their respective end-users. This type of mill is perfect for most applications that need particle size reduction or to resize solids, fibrous material, slurries, as well as in micronization. Apart from this, a hammer mill grinder is also very useful for the following five major applications. 


Produce intermediate grades of powder

The production of intermediate powder grades or powders with nominal diameters which are neither small nor large. The great thing about hammer mills is that they can create intermediate powder from almost all materials with the exception of sticky substances.


Improve formulation or dissolution

In cosmetic, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries, mixing various materials may need a huge surface area by reducing particle sizes. Moreover, small particles make sure that there is an even distribution in the final formulations. This is where a hammer mill grinder is essential to ensure consistency for a quality mixture. This is especially required for producing capsules or tablets to have the right dose quantity.   


Reduce active ingredients of substrates

Reducing the amount of the active ingredients through grinding or milling is very important in the manufacturing and processing industries, and particularly monumental in the pharmaceutical industry. The purpose of this is to make substrates more useful for the end users.


Help recycle substances in a faster and cost-effective way

The hammer mill can mill, resize, and mix different materials to create the final product. It does it in a fast and cost-effective way when compared to other milling equipment.


Grind nuts, legumes, and other dry products

Grinding is one of the most valuable processes for the previously mentioned industries. Hammer mills can grind soya, groundnuts, beans, and coffee. These are ingredients for making beverages as well as in the cosmetic industry where nuts are used to make body creams and lotions.


These applications demonstrate that a hammer mill grinder plays an integral role in manufacturing processes. In order to get the most out of this machine, you need a reliable equipment supplier that meets all specifications and quality standards. At Classifier Milling Systems, our selection of high quality, flexible powder processing equipment and expertise is unmatched. Proud to be a turnkey solutions provider, we consistently deliver proven results.

Very informative article! I appreciate that you're concise but you included important details.
Posted by: Jayden | February 4, 2019, 11:26 am
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