As specialists in powder processing, CMS maintains ultramodern test facilities that play a crucial role in materials design and formulation and the product development phase.

Service Highlights

  • CMS testing will establish the production scope and system requirements to meet your production capacity
  • The R&D phase of your product development is sure to be enhanced by our prior expertise with thousands of materials and product formulations
  • Product information is strictly confidential, belongs to you and your team 
  • Particle-size analysis reports, useful supplementary reports, and our recommendations will be forwarded to you promptly upon concluding testing
  • Processed (test) materials will be made available for independent verification 
  • CMS has designed custom additives that enhance flowability and may be compatible with your products. If we see that as a potential, CMS will make the recommendation

To have your product tested, please contact us at +1 (877) 353- 6455 or CMS Affiliate: VANCAPP TOLLING +1 (519) 217-8655 for scheduling and submissions:

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VANCAPP TOLLING | CMS Affiliate Lab Services

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