Cyclones & Cyclone Classifiers – Meeting Any Operating Conditions

Cyclone Classifier

CMS manufactures high-efficiency cyclones in a variety of constructions, such as special alloys and refractory lined cyclones designed to meet extreme and challenging work conditions, such as work environments involving high temperatures or corrosive gases. CMS has installed Cyclone Classifiers for dry powder processing and separation of powder coatings, pigments, resins, bauxite, gypsum, limestone, cement, and numerous other feed materials.

CMS Cyclone & Cyclone Classifiers: For inline separation of Materials.

  • Available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and refractory grade construction
  • For high-pressure production, or combinations of high pressure and extreme temperature, or abrasiveness, CMS offers a specialized heavy-walled grinding mill construction.
  • The cyclone body, cone and dust trap, is one-piece welded construction (internal welds ground smooth)
  • Easy cleaning (extended acceleration inlet tube)
  • Access through the top (once the outlet tubing and exhaust is removed)

How it works:

Airflow enters the cyclone’s inlet spiral, directing fine material through the vanes of the rotating classifier wheel while recirculating the coarse material for further grinding and separation. The cut point setting of the Classifier Wheel regulates the separation limit between fine and coarse material, while dust materials will discharge through an upper outlet duct to a CMS Dust Collector. CMS Cyclones enable the operator to dial in cut points to as low as 10 µm d50.


CMS has two designs for external classification, which are the Cyclone Classifier and CL Classifier. The Cyclone Classifier utilizes a tangential inlet and mechanical classifier, separating materials before the Filter Receiver. The CL Classifier introduces materials from below then again with the classification cone to separate materials. Depending on the particle size, Bulk density and Volume, CMS can custom design, manufacture supply and integrate the Cyclone Classifier or CL Classifier with in-place process equipment.

CMS Cyclone
CMS Cyclone Classifier
CL Cyclone Classifier