Dust Collectors – Efficiencies up to 99.99%

Designed for recyclable fines capture in dust-generating environments, CMS manufactures robust dust collector systems that meet prevailing industrial and environmental regulations. Add our proprietary filtering capabilities and storage capacity, and you’ve got an industry-leading solution. CMS Dust Collector models are designed to take on superfine dust in the most robust processing operations.

Meet the Strictest Industrial and Environmental Air Quality Regulations

  • Engineered for custom configurations
  • Integrates with existing process systems
  • Utilizes a standard radial inlet for most applications
  • Tangential inlet produces a cyclonic effect for dense dust load separation
  • Equipped with a Venturi (inducing secondary air to the cleaning system)
  • Energy efficient (reduced power consumption compared to most systems)
  • Longer bag life

Dust Collector Systems – Keeping Your Air Clean & Safe

CMS carries parts for most dust collection unit types, filter cages, and Venturis. CMS is there when needed. We also perform repairs and service existing dust collection systems, including installations by competitors.

Ask CMS about:

  • Gravity Separators (Drop-out Boxes)
  • Air Bin Vents
  • Centrifugal Collectors, Cyclones
  • Hoods
  • Baghouse Collectors
  • Filter Bags, Cages, Cartridge Bags
  • Cartridge Collectors
  • Venturi Systems
  • Pulse Jet Collectors