Classifier Milling Systems (CMS) has over 30 years of experience manufacturing high-quality OEM products and parts. Our team offers comprehensive milling equipment and services so your company can turn raw materials into products with excellent dimensionality and adherence to design standards.

We’re the leading experts in designing size-reduction milling systems. This title includes a focus on high-quality manufacturing, exemplary installation and operations, and continuous customer service through training and support. We specialize in high-end services to facilitate the fabrication of exactly the products you need. These services include:

Laboratory Test Facility

We offer extensive testing services for the design and formulation of powders. Our ultra-modern facilities have the equipment to test base formulas, modifications with additives, and compatibility with other products. By the end of every research and development phase with Classifier Milling Systems, your company will have:

  • The production scope and system requirements to create your product at capacity
  • Precise formulations
  • Complete confidentiality guaranteed to protect your formula and product
  • Particle-size analysis and supplementary reports
  • Data for independent testing and verification
  • Recommendations for formula changes and CMS custom additives that improve flowability and performance

Training Services

We believe in the importance of setting our customers up for complete success. That’s why we offer comprehensive on-site training for our size-reduction systems. We also thoroughly train company personnel on proper milling methodologies. This training is included in every sale for CMS milling systems.

Our training focuses on every step of equipment management, including troubleshooting, part replacement, and proper preventative maintenance. We also provide thorough experiential training in operating the machinery and review the system engineering drawings.

Every successful program participant will receive a Certified Training certificate at the conclusion of the training. The certificate establishes that the personnel can operate and maintain the machinery. We provide different certificates for each grinding mill so your staff understands the specific maintenance and operations requirements of every equipment type you purchase.

Field Service and Consultations

Our field service and consultations are designed to help your company succeed before, during, and after the purchase of grinding equipment. Before you purchase grinding equipment or any major equipment for your manufacturing facility, our team can help you plan out the changes and make recommendations for solutions that suit your facility best. Our pre- and post-purchase consultation services include the following:

  • Planning and staging
  • Site layout
  • Coordination with site vendors and third-party material providers
  • Interfacing with civil engineering professionals
  • Plant construction
  • Milling plant engineering
  • Thorough testing of the milling system’s performance
  • Personnel training that covers operation and maintenance
  • Commissioning

Our comprehensive field service and consultations are just for plant builds. Our team also makes itself available to our customers for process reviews, service calls, installation services, and to answer customer requests. We don’t just sell equipment—we believe in forming long-term business relationships that help our customers succeed.

Emergency Service Calls

Classifier Milling Systems is available 24/7 to answer emergency support calls. Our customer service experts can help you troubleshoot and navigate emergency breakdowns and malfunctions. When our milling equipment is at the heart of the breakdown, we’ll send a field service expert to your facility to start troubleshooting or repairing the problem. CMS can also handle safety hazards, accidents that damage machinery, and out-of-commission size-reduction equipment.

Mill Components and Parts

To keep your machines up and running with minimal unscheduled downtime, CMS has a comprehensive parts inventory and knowledgeable customer service department. Our team can manufacture mill components and common wear parts on demand, and we’ll make sure you have the parts as quickly as possible. All our parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards and we expedite every customer request for new parts and components.

Outdated Equipment Refurbishment

Our technicians can also help you choose between refurbishing and replacing your machines. We evaluate their condition, longevity, possible enhancements, and other factors to ensure we make an informed recommendation.

Upgrade Your Existing Machines

Upgrading your facility’s equipment can help streamline your production processes. As technology continues to advance, regular upgrades can tighten your distribution timelines and improve the quality of your product while simultaneously reducing waste. CMS also offers a trade-in program so you can benefit from the most recent machinery advances at a lower cost.

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Classifier Milling System is the leading provider of size-reduction milling and grinding systems. Our services will help your company succeed during every stage of growth and production. Contact us today for more information about any of our products or services.