A Complete Grinding System in Just One Moveable Tabletop Unit

The CMS Tabletop Lab System, ideal for batch testing and product development, has the particle size reduction and classifying capabilities of the CMS production level Air Swept Classifier Mill.

This Tabletop Air Classifier Mill consists of:

  • 5 HP Air Swept Classifier Mill
  • Screw feeder with hopper, built-in cartridge filter, and high-efficiency stainless steel cyclone
  • Rotary valve with stainless steel rotor discharge
  • Blower set with inlet and outlet silencer (85dba @ 5’ with silencer)
  • Side-mounted control panel
  • Clamshell design for easy access and quick clean for materials changeovers.
  • Remarkably easy to operate and maintain
  • Portable, reliable and energy-efficient
  • Capable of continuous 50lb batch testing