Expert Technical Field Services

CMS offers a complete range of field services from planning/staging, site layout, coordination with site vendors, interfacing with civil engineering, plant construction, milling plant engineering, milling system performance testing, training, and commissioning. With our field consultations and service options, you can rest assured that your plant and equipment are in expert hands.

Whether it’s a plant build or process review, service call, installation, or by customer request, CMS is the industry leader at your service. We are the experts at size-reduction milling systems design, manufacturing, installation and operations, safety procedure training, and more. 

Emergencies occur at the worst of times and often demand immediate solutions. CMS offers 24/7 telephone support to help you navigate those unforeseen and urgent situations. If the emergency involves CMS equipment, we will immediately send our field experts to your site. When your facility detects a safety hazard or experiences an accident that puts a machine out of commission or for unforeseen circumstances encountered, CMS is equipped to handle it.

For more information, contact CMS toll-free at 1-877-353-6455.