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A Magnificent Hammer Mill

If you are looking for the best hammer mill on the market, contact Classifier Milling System Corp. The company’s strong reputation is built on a solid foundation of reliable products and great service. A hammer mill is the ideal machine for the grinding of plastics, rubber, cosmetics, and various minerals. It is also a reliable tool of the food industry and can be used for processing flour, starches, grains, herbs, as well as sugar and spice.

Thirty years of solid experience have made Classifier Milling System Corp. a trusted company for any hammer mill you are in need of. CMS has proven itself as a company on the cutting edge of processing equipment manufacturing. The Classifier Milling System Corp. hammer mill is durable and built to last, with an unmatched ability to perform. CMS are leaders in their industry and their expertise is simply unparalleled by others. Rest assured that a CMS hammer mill will made to the highest industry standard. Each hammer mill installed has to pass vigorous quality assurance tests. Contact Classifier Milling System Corp. today and rest assured you are in capable hands.

Hammer mills service a wide array of industry, wherever the grinding and processing of materials is needed. A hammer mill’s primary duty is to crush inputted material into tiny pieces by the continuous blows of little hammers. The hammers are mounted to a rotor that is constantly spinning, thus pulverizing any material that enters. Classifier Milling System Corp. is the best choice for all your hammer mill needs, whether you’re in the market for a new installation or spare parts for your existing mill, they have it all. CMS possess outstanding expertise and determination to deliver the best equipment on both a laboratory and industrial scale, anywhere from 1HP all the way to heavy-duty 200HP.

Do you carry spice grinding mills?
Posted by: Ajia | April 13, 2016, 2:34 pm
This is really good to know.
Posted by: Mike M. | March 3, 2016, 11:48 am
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