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Back to Basics: Understanding the Hammer Mill Grinder

A hammer mill grinder is a piece of machinery that is capable of cutting your production time in half. This makes it very useful in the processing and manufacturing industries. Many of the products you enjoy as a consumer have been processed (in one way or another) by a hammer mill grinder.


Here are other modern examples of how a hammer mill grinder impacts the creation of products we use every day:



Farmers use a hammer mill grinder to ground feed for their livestock, instead of delivering grains to millers for grinding. This avoids incurring extra costs.


Milling Grains

Millers also use hammer mills to grind grains being sold to them by farmers. Whole grains are transformed into powdered grains with little manual labour. This is also done for breweries to make beer.


Manufacturing of Fruit Juice

Juices from real fruit must be extracted to be used for production. Many companies use hammer mills to grind fruits in the machine and successfully create pulp afterwards.


Corn Ethanol Production

Ethanol is also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol. It can be burned for fuel, used to make varnishes or perfumes and as a preservative. A hammer mill grinder is used for corn ethanol production, where it is ground in ethanol plants.


Crushing of Scrap Wood

Scrap wood is ideal to produce fuel for boilers. Hammer mill grinders are needed to ground scrap wood into powder.


Those are just five examples of how hammer mill grinders are used across various different industries. At CMS, we offer a powerful hammer mill grinder that is ideal for chemical plants and manufacturers. It is used for cryogenic grinding of plastics, rubber and cosmetics. Read our recent in depth product profile here. Chat with us today about our other grinding equipment and how we can help ensure more efficient productivity for your manufacturing operations! 

Really interesting read!
Posted by: Ivy | November 30, 2017, 2:41 pm
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