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CMS Hammer Mill Grinder Spotlight

Do you want a superior grinding machine for your professional needs? The Classifier Milling System’s hammer mill is for you! 


As the premier choice of various chemical and manufacturing plants around the globe, our hammer mill is proven to be durable, powerful, and tough.


It comes in a multitude of sizes with unbreakable fabricate or stainless steel. No matter how demanding your industry is, the hammer mill is undeniably dependable. It has successfully handled installations from an array of services such as cryogenic grinding of cosmetics, rubber, and plastics, and as a crushing mill of herbs, spices, flour, and sugar.


With the hammer mill, you don’t have to worry about accessibility and reliability. Harmonizing time, space and resources with its affordable maintenance, CMS’s hammer mill promises high-grade productivity without suffering from unreasonable costs.  Its component parts contain the finest quality of material. Its distinctive lightweight design renders to an extensive classification of particle sizes. When you upgrade your hammer mill to our Air Swept Classifier Grinding Mills and Grinding System, you will effortlessly have tighter distributions, improved capacities, minor heat generation, and a dust-free setting.


The hammer mill provides services to manufacturers from different industries catering to professional demands such as chemistry, pharmaceutics, food, and minerals.


At CMS, we remain undisputed in our ability to sustain performance, safety, and consistency while facing the challenges of chemical manufacturing.  Armed with outstanding technical expertise, we have become the top choice of chemists for equipment that includes our hammer mills.


Moreover, we respond to the strenuous conditions of the healthcare industry that pharmaceutical manufacturers endure on a regular basis. We possesses the technical expertise needed to supervise highly specialized equipment like hammer mills to suit a specific process solution.


In addition, we have mastered the processing of minerals and raw materials. We deliver services not only for the registration of patents for waste coal recovery techniques, but also for the production of dry-process sulfur.


If you want to be assured of authentic, trustworthy, and inexpensive services for your grinding and crushing needs, depend on the premier quality of our hammer mills! Learn more today by contacting us at 1-877-353-MILL (6455)!

I would highly recommend CMS for their hammer mills!
Posted by: Sam | November 30, 2017, 2:42 pm
CMS' air swept grinding system is one of the best of its kind!
Posted by: Marie | November 20, 2017, 2:49 pm
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