CMS, in partnership with Marietta Industrial Enterprises, offers a complete range of milling services for bulk and specialty materials from our Ohio River processing center located in Marietta, Ohio. CMS Marietta provides inbound and outbound river terminal and trucking services, bulk delivery, and packaging, as well as warehousing. Additionally, CMS Marietta provides chain-of-custody logistics management from source to customer directed destinations. CMS Marietta will White Label production and logistics on behalf of customers.

To complement in-house production requirements during seasonal spikes, or to have reliable additional capacity for temporary or medium-term (and even long-term) production, then CMS may be the right solution.

Here are some of the benefits of toll processing with the right partner:
• No added commitment to floor space for processing machines
• No additional permits needed
• No maintenance
• No need for engineering and operators
• Predetermined costs (contract)
• The flexibility of production scale (seasonal, one-offs) and timing

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