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Grinding Process: The Most Integral Part of a Flour Milling System

One of the most important steps in the production flour is employing the right milling system in grinding process. This is because the manner in which the grain kernel is broken, and which flour grinding mill is used, can significantly affect the subsequent sieving and purification processes. This will effect both the amount of fine bran in the ground materials and in particle size distribution in the sizing and reduction stages.


The entire grinding process in a flour grinder mill can be broken down into four main systems:


  • Break system - this is the first stage where endosperm is being separated from the bran and germ.
  • Sizing system - this is where small bran attached to large endosperm is separated.
  • Reduction system - this is when the actual process of grinding happens wherein endosperm is ground into flour.
  • Tailing system - this is the last process wherein fiber is being separated from the recovered endosperm out of those previous systems.    


Of those four processes, the grinding action utilized during the reduction process greatly influences the quality of the flour particles. This can be seen in the variations in color due to bran contamination as well as in the amount of starch damage in the final product. During grinding, the energy used from breaking the endosperm to reducing it into flour consumes as much as 50% of the total power utilized by the milling system in a flour grinder mill. This leads to moisture loss in the ground material due to heat generated by the process. 


Past milling systems employed grinding to process wheat into flour. But as the demand for refined white four has risen, flour grinder mills and milling systems have evolved to meet demands. The entire milling system now includes conveying, classifying, purifying, and other blending processes. The grinding is carried out using different forces such as compression, abrasion or friction, shear and impact. A flour grinder mill can operate using either one or a combination of these operating principles.


Classifier Milling Systems provides turn-key solutions for all your production needs, whether your business required new machinery or upgrades on existing facilities, including installations, maintenance and technical advice. Contact us today to learn more.

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