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Hammer Mill Advantages and Uses in Grinding Seeds and Various Materials

You might be wondering what a hammer mill is. Well, hammer mills are mechanical equipment that is used to grind various materials like fine mineral ores and particles into smaller pieces. Several industries use hammer mills, which include but are not limited to, paper shredding, production of fruit juices, grain milling, and even waste management. They are also used in the oil extraction process--they grind oil seeds until oil is extracted. Grinding assists in increasing the quantity of the extracted oil.




A hammer mill is typically made of cast iron that is fitted on a single spindle shaft. Roller bearings assist in revolving the shaft. The machine is also comprised of beaters that spin at extremely high speeds within the grinding chamber. There's an inlet that takes in the seeds that need to be grinded. The seeds go down the inlet, then proceeds directly to the chamber where the grinding happens. At the bottom of the machine lies an interchangeable screen filter where the grinded materials are discharged. Any material that is fed into the hammer mill is immediately reduced to powder because of the number of beaters and how fast they spin in the grinding chamber. The speed at which these grinders spin is of course manually controlled.




To date, hammer mills are considered to be the best option for grinding a plethora of materials, apart from oil seeds. Today you can purchase a hammer mill at your local hardware shop. A typical hammer mill has a sturdy body, and comes in different types and sizes. There's also an automatic option should you want to automate your grinding process. The number of hammers in a hammer mill is completely customizable. Its use increases the output by a large quantity, thus saving more time and energy.


Advantages of Using the Hammer Mill


  • It needs less maintenance.
  • It consumes less electricity power.
  • Available in different capacities and sizes.
  • It provides efficient grinding at the shortest time, which saves human labour as well as time.


Grinding Oil Seeds


Grinding the oil seeds with a hammer mill greatly increases the quality level of the seeds. Below are some examples of seeds that can be disintegrated and grinded using a typical hammer mill:


  • Cotton seeds
  • Ground nuts
  • Copra
  • Soybeans


With the information you have, you are now equipped with enough knowledge to choose for yourself a good hammer mill for a specific use in your daily chores. Get one for yourself and see for yourself the usefulness of hammer mills.

Thanks for clearing up some questions for me.
Posted by: Tony | August 9, 2017, 4:29 pm
Thank you for the useful info!
Posted by: Timor | July 10, 2017, 3:52 pm
This sounds really helpful + multipurposeful
Posted by: Lizw | June 2, 2017, 4:53 pm
I use my hammer mill to grind cotton seeds and ground nuts!
Posted by: Desmond H. | May 29, 2017, 11:17 am
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