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Hammer Mill Grinder – Applications and Its Pros and Cons

In industrial and household processes, grinding mechanisms are required along with reliable machines to handle any grinding operations. One of the most important machines used in most of these applications is the hammer mill.


Hammer mills are used to grind large pieces like rock, foods or animal feeds, waste materials or any aggregate materials into smaller segments of various grades. Many different industries prefer this type of grinding procedure for different applications as opposed to utilizing the rolling mill machine because of its low operating costs, easy to use and maintain, and it is flexible enough to crush materials according to specific requirements.


How it works?


Hammer mill grinders function through various components. Every component has a specific use - most materials will shred upon impact. It consists of rectangular pieces of steel or ganged hammers where materials are stuck for grinding and a series of gears are used to control the speed. Whatever the grinding method is, a hammer mill is mainly focused on producing the best quantity without compromising the quality of materials or grains.


Below are the pros and cons of using a hammer mill:



  • It does numerous size distributions
  • It is easy to install and maintain.
  • It provides continuous operation.
  • It is cost efficient yet operates at very high speeds.
  • It can shred different types of materials.
  • It has a high reduction ratio.
  • It guarantees hygiene and greater quality of materials.



  • Not applicable for grinding hard materials into fine particles.
  • Feed rate must be well controlled to avoid mill from being choked and damaged.
  • Screen clogs may occur.
  • It may generate heat and dust pollution.


The hammer mill is just one type of grinding mechanism among the wide range of size reduction mechanisms out there. It is considered a crucial component of every industrial sector that deals with a wide range of materials on a daily basis. 

Informative read! Bought a hammer mill from Classifier Milling Systems a few months ago and I'm very happy.
Posted by: Joanne B. | May 29, 2017, 11:15 am
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