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Field Service and Consultations

Field Service and Consultations
Field Service and Consultations
Field Service and Consultations


Enjoy Expert Technical Field Services - Without Payroll Inclusion

CMS offers a complete range of field services - from the opening of a site before the first deliveries arrive through every other necessary phase including site preparation, engineering, receiving material, construction, commissioning and onsite impact mill performance testing & system training. In fact, CMS facilitates before, during and after every single system sale. Installation, testing, and preparation are all major components of the process of plant building and maintenance. With our field consultations and service options, you can rest assured that your plant is in safe hands, along with the impact mills and other equipment it contains.


Success is achieving the right result for each customer. To do that, a team of highly skilled process engineers capable of commissioning, optimizing and maintaining the impact mill equipment once on site is at the ready. Everything CMS supplies is custom manufactured to fit your needs. Believing teamwork is the key to success, CMS works together with your staff, ensuring your process equipment meets your specific requirements. We are dedicated to either meeting or exceeding customer site requirements consistently.


Whether it’s a simple process review or a service contract, CMS is the industry leader who is at your service. We are the experts at impact mill and other grinding equipment installation, safety procedure training, and more. Remember, confidential consultations and assistance is available nationwide.


Emergencies occur at the worst of times and often demand quick solutions. That’s why CMS offers 24/7 nationwide support to help you navigate those unforeseen, urgent situations. This ensures that when your facility has a safety hazard that is detected, an accident that puts a machine out of commission, or any other unforeseen circumstance, CMS is equipped to handle it.


For more information, contact CMS toll-free at 1-877-353-MILL (6455) or email CMS via the "ASK A QUESTION" Form.