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Impact Mills – What Your Business Needs To Know

When it comes to particle reduction, energy efficiency and safety, one of the best industrial options out there is the impact mill. Courtesy of the experts at Classifier Milling System, here is a technical breakdown of these vital piece of machinery.


Impact mills fall under the category of screen less classifier milling systems. Their operation principle involves using high speed impact which produces a reduction of large materials to fine particles.


The material to be ground is inserted to the mill at the top through the inlet box. At this point the process of pre-crushing begins, facilitated by primary beater tools. The beaters also have another function, propelling the material into the milling zone which is located at the periphery of the rotor. The product obtained from the milling zone has been softened by the airflow and reduced to finer particles by the grinding tools; namely the rotor and stator. The stator starts from the covering that encloses the rotor.


The components found inside of the cover are toothed grooves that operate vertically. The rotor’s exterior has several U-shaped sections that look like deep cassette types. This kind of shape allows increased airflow to the region where the rotor grinds materials. This airflow results in vigorous secondary crushing impact force to produce fine particles. For different sizes of particles several adjustments such as rotor speeds, flow of air and grinding rotor clearance have to be set.


The impact mill is preferred by many enterprises because of its reliability and efficiency in energy consumption. It provides elimination of fibers and organic materials, cryogenic grinding and is very useful in combinations like grinding, blending and drying.


Classifier Milling Systems has modern and high-quality impact mills, with modern-standard designs and capabilities. Accuracy and precision in design guarantee high-quality mills. We set ourselves apart from other players in this industry because of our years of experience.


Have any questions about impact mills or particle reduction? Call or visit CMS today to speak with an expert and book a consultation!                                                                  

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