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Laboratory Test Facility

Laboratory Test Facility
Laboratory Test Facility
Laboratory Test Facility


Testing powder processing equipment and more using advanced technology.  


Classifier Milling Systems has a state of the art test facility that plays a crucial role in the design of grinding, dust collection and pneumatic conveying systems. This testing laboratory is equipped with various production models to test powder processing equipment and machines.


Preferred by discerning companies in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and mineral industries, this laboratory test facility is uniquely equipped to run small or large batches of product. Running sample grinds ensures Classifier Milling Systems maintains a guarantee with regards to every piece of powder processing equipment in the inventory.


To size a system to meet specific particle size requirements, CMS runs 50-100lb trials. Classifier Milling System employs experienced engineers who have expert knowledge in all facets of grinding and routinely play an important consulting role in designing additions to existing systems, implementing new plants or sourcing new technology to process materials more efficiently.


Specialists in powder processing equipment, Classifier Milling System ’s experienced and hand-picked technicians work closely with clients to achieve the required particle size and capacities for each specific application.


Offered in 3-to-600 hp, CMS’s Air Swept Classifier System outperforms its competitors. Interested in seeing how their system can effectively process your product? CMS welcomes potential clients to visit their test facility and observe the diverse grinding capabilities first hand. Contact us today for more information.

Gains to be Made When Testing at This Facility:

  • The size of system required to meet your production demands will be determined
  • Facilitates clients’ R&D phase of product development
  • Any disclosure of product information remains confidential
  • Test material is returned for further verification and approval
  • For every product processed, a particle size analysis is performed


To have your product tested, simply submit the evaluation request form (PDF), along with your Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and your 50-100 lb. sample material to CMS at 35 Van Kirk Drive, Unit 17 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada L7A 1A5.


For more information on any of our powder processing equipment, feel free to contact us.


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