Product Spotlight: Grinding Mill Equipment

The CMS Pin Mill is a reliable choice among many of our industrial clients. To help you determine whether a CMS pin mill is the best fit for your operational requirements, here is a brief profile of its capabilities, features, and maintenance requirements.

The CMS Pin Mill series utilizes a configuration that combines pins mounted to a stationary disc plate and a second rotational rotor plate. Material passing into the grinding zone becomes subject to centrifugal force, which accelerates the processed materials through the arrangement of the pins, then impacting the liner wall. Processed material below the target cut point will then exit the mill to a cone hopper, while material above the cut point will recirculate for continued grinding. An inverter drive allows the operator to shift for desired particle sizes without the need for shutdown. The CMS Pin Mill series is available in model sizes up to 150 HP.

At CMS, our engineers and processing staff understand the importance of accessibility when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The cover hatch to the pin mill is hinged, which allows for the components that directly interact with your products to be easily accessed, removed, and cleaned, and quickly ready for the next cycle. Additionally, the grinding chamber is extractable for maintenance or repair.

In the event your pin mill requires tuning or repair, CMS manufactures and regularly updates an inventory of replacement parts. We will guide you in the reinstallation of these components.

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