Size reduction milling systems are at the heart of Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) technologies for regulatory compliant mitigation of sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, and hydrogen chloride | SO2, SO3, HCl | and marginal pollutants. The quality of DSI performance is pronouncedly driven by the milled surface area of the injected sorbent material.

The residence time of the milled sorbent material with the toxins (pollutants) occurs within the flue-gas stream at a targeted temperature window, where the level of pollutant capture and neutralization occurs. By increasing the surface size of the sorbent, you are creating a greater contact area for adherence of toxins to the sorbent surface, and therefore achieving a higher pollutant capture value. Increasing particle surface area on a steep distribution curve is the challenge for sorbent milling technologies. CMS DSI Systems meet that challenge.

CMS is a leading manufacturer of industrial and environmental size-reduction milling systems and process technologies, including DSI systems.

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