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  1. Try our Portable Tabletop Lab System!

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    If you’re looking for the functionality of our Air Swept Classifier Mill System, but need a smaller machine, the Tabletop Lab System is the perfect choice for you! It is the most convenient grinding system we offer and has just as many capabilities and impressive features as our larger machines.

    The Tabletop Lab System is a portable unit initially designed for batch testing and product development. It is the moveable, tabletop version of the commercial scale Air Swept Classifier System. The Tabletop unit is rated to grind feed materials at a rate of +/-150 pounds/hour continuously (depending upon particle size distribution targets and feedstock Mohs hardness), and is ideal for temperature-sensitive source materials. The Tabletop Lab System incorporates a stainless steel rotary valve, screw feeder with a built-in cartridge filter, stainless steel cyclone, blower set with an inlet and outlet silencer, side-mounted control panel. The Tabletop Mill also features a clamshell design for quick and easy cleaning.

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  2. Your Project Starts in the Laboratory!

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    In the processing industries, fierce competition and keeping up with ever-changing regulatory requirements are some of the challenges one faces when bringing new products to the market. Which leaves no room for error on the processing line — so get it right in the laboratory before going to commercial scale. The CMS ultra-modern laboratory test facility can play an essential role in defining and helping you to meet commercial-scale challenges.

    From grains and coffee to powder paints, pigments, and industrial minerals, the list of materials that CMS has evaluated, or formulated and engineered custom milling systems, is very long. What we’ve learned from thousands of materials trials will save you time in arriving at the optimal milling techniques, methods, and systems.

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  3. Get Swept Away by our Classifying Processes

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    Precision crafting, stringent quality standards, machining capacity, and fast turnarounds — these are the defining characteristics of our replacement parts program. From liners or rotor discs, hammer sets, classifier wheels, and spindle assemblies — we are experts at building close tolerance components from abrasive resistant and high temperature hardened refractory metals and ceramics. We also offer specially designed liner coatings for high temperature, corrosive, or abrasive applications.

    If you need a spare part for CMS equipment, then be assured that we have it in stock for immediate delivery or that we can manufacture the component or part in record time. Need a replacement part for equipment from another manufacturer? We can accept your component or part drawing, or travel to your facility and validate the fabrication specifications, then manufacture and maintain an inventory on hand for immediate fulfillment.

    Anything more? Yes, our warehousing and assembly locations have easy access to major highways, ports, and airports, further ensuring rapid and reliable delivery. So the next time you are sourcing replacement parts, think CMS—we will be excited to hear from you.

    In the meantime, please see more details of our replacement parts program.

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