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    Pneumatic Conveying systems rely on air streams to move dry bulk powders through horizontal or vertical pipelines of the powder processing system, utilizing conveying methods that are either dilute-phase (product suspended in the airstream) or dense-phase (product carried along at low velocity). At Classifier Milling Systems, our pneumatic conveying systems are designed to be efficient, sanitary, scaled and integrated for the unique flow requirements of the processed materials, whether dilute-phase (via vacuum pump, or at higher rates via positive pressure source) or low-velocity dense-phase for heavier, stickier, and for materials prone to bridging or for brittle materials.

    Mechanical Conveying is another option for conveying bulk materials, used typically for materials that are difficult to convey pneumatically, such as high bulk-density materials and those materials prone to bridging, and for brittle materials.

    Powder Sifting encompasses various systems for materials separation, such as sieving, classifying, scalping, de-lumping, and screening. Through vibration, rotation, or gyration, foreign materials can be removed from your product stream through a discharge spout, while sifted product continues into the powder milling system. Batch or continuous operations are possible by utilizing gravity-fed and in-line pneumatic designs. Powder Sifter designs include centrifugal sifters, vibratory sifters, tumbler screens, and gyratory sifters.

    CMS integrates conveyor systems, sifters, and dust collection systems, ensuring optimal process efficiencies, ease of maintenance, and product quality across numerous feedstock materials.

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