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We Rely on CMS – AND Their Technical Training Is Second to None! “We purchased a 15HP Air Swept Milling system from CMS over 10 years ago and still rely on them for spare parts and service.  The technical training gave our mill operators the knowledge needed to maintain our production requirements.  Having spare parts readily available is important and CMS always delivers on time. We recommend CMS to anyone looking for a size reduction system.”

— Chandrakant, Joshi, President Indian Grocery & Spices

CMS Helped Us Navigate Tough Economic Times “Over the past two decades in the graphite processing business, much has changed in the industry. The one constant has been the cost-effective, efficient performance of Classifier Milling Systems. They make sure we’re able to reliably produce consistent products, whether through cost-effectively providing wear parts, or replacement parts on an emergency basis which has been vital in allowing our business survive through tough economic times. Until recently, CGM relied on the use of just one mill, meaning 100% reliability was critical. CMS helped provide that reliability, including in-house visits and 24 hour responsiveness to urgent calls.  Recently, when we decided to expand our production facilities, we of course put our trust in CMS to build and engineer our milling systems.”

— Ryan Walker, President Carbon Graphite Materials, CGM

If You’d Like to INCREASE Your Production Rates, Talk to CMS “Working together, we increased production rates on all our mills by 30% while improving product quality and gaining additional production capacity.”

— Lic. Homero Trevino KRHAL Powder Coatings, Mexico

CMS Continues to Earn Our Loyalty “Fifteen years ago, when we opened this company, we bought a mill from one of the so-called major mill manufacturers. It wasn’t able to do the work we’d specified for it, and the company that made it, couldn’t make it work. CMS came in and in quick order, got their competitors’ machine working and our company up and running. We’ve been with CMS ever since.”

— Brian Coutts, Erie Powder Coatings/EPC Powder Manufacturing Inc.