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The Varied Ways of Using Flour Grinder Mill to Produce Whole Wheat Flour

A flour grinder mill operates to break solid grain materials into smaller pieces. It comes in various types and can be used to process a wide range of materials useful in the food processing, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. The desired particle size of materials is achieved through exposure to mechanical forces. The grinding process changes the grain size, shape and disposition.


The most common type of flour grinder mill is the ball mill, wherein a horizontal rotating cylinder is filled with stone or metal balls to grind the grains.


The required fine finish is achieved through impact and friction created by the tumbling balls.


Depending on the intended purpose, a flour grinder mill can be equipped with different devices. Ball mills are suited for coarser materials because they use bigger media with diameter starting from 20mm and up. For the mid-range size particles, attrition mills are more suitable. The mill’s agitator system breaks the material through constant motion around the tank. Both the impact and shearing actions of the grinding process increases the machine’s efficiency for grain size reduction.


Another grinding option commonly employed is the use of roller mills. To produce the refined wheat flour, the grain is moistened or tempered to enhance the efficiency of the flour grinder mill. The presence of moisture toughens the bran, reducing the energy needed to shatter the kernel while avoiding the germ and bran particles from shattering. They are separated by a sifting process which is done on another mill. They can then be reintroduced to the white flour to produce a finished product like whole wheat flour.  


A flour grinder mill comes in handy both in a small scale use, such as those found in the bakeries and food establishments, and large scale production for industrial application. Other variations can also be used to grind other grains apart from wheat like cocoa and coffee beans.


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had CMS consult on our equipment and the difference experience makes is huge. highly recomended
Posted by: Amanda K | March 27, 2018, 12:10 pm
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