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Replacement Parts & Quality Service

Finally, a well-equipped customer service department that provides a fast, efficient turn-around of parts. CMS’s replacement parts are manufactured to the highest precision standards, which works to ensure continued performance of their high-efficiency equipment. With a fully stocked inventory of various sizes for all types of powder grinding mills, their facility is conveniently located near major highways and airports to ensure reliable delivery dates. CMS also has a high-end toll grinding service that is geared towards efficient completion of contracts. 


Material of Construction

Product Name Stellite Tungsten Carbide Mild Steel Stainless Steel Ceramic
Set of Block Hammers  
Hammer Rotor Disc        
Wear Plate        
Set of Pins        
Pin Rotor Plate        
MD Liner Set (5 pieces)      
Smooth Liner Set        
One Piece Reversible Liner        
Classifier Wheel (24/36/48 Vane)        
Top Ring Design        
Canted or Straight Vane Design        
Spindle Assembly (Co-axial)        
Baffle & Shroud        
Air Dispersion Ring        
Rotor Assembly (IND)        
Classifier Assembly (IND)        


For a cross section of our mill assembly components, click here


Why CMS?


  • This manufacturing facility provides in-house R & D, operates a tool and die centre, a fabrication shop, and spare parts for all types of processing equipment
  • Full CNC machining capabilities including toll grinding service, welding specialists and experienced technicians
  • Recognized for superior powder grinding mill equipment and systems worldwide
  • Equipment built with close tolerances, advanced materials, abrasive resistant, high temperature refractory metals and ceramics
  • Offer specially designed liners of advanced metals or ceramics for high abrasive, high temperature or corrosive product milling
  • From one-piece, dual-use liners to rotor discs, hammer sets to classifier wheels and spindle assemblies, everything CMS provides is precision manufactured to perform reliably and efficiently in the most rugged conditions
  • Stringent quality standards, precision workmanship and the assurance that your powder grinding mill parts are completed and delivered on time


Blanket Orders

Depending on the number of spare parts you use annually, CMS can propose a volume discount option which warrants that they’ll always have your required parts in stock, while you enjoy an attractive discount. Another way CMS strives to save your company both time and money. Contact their head office to find out more ways you can save.


To experience customer service excellence, simply call CMS toll-free at 1-877-353-MILL (6455)

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