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It is vital that the appropriate grinding equipment is used when it comes to shredding or crushing materials into small pieces. The hammer mill is the ideal solution in most of the applications that require grinding and shredding. There are numerous applications of this mill in the industrial sectors including farming, ethanol manufacturing, pulp production, paper shredding and many others. It is also used in waste management plants. In most of the applications, the material always started in the form of large pieces that need to be ground to small pieces. A good example is farmers who grind maize into coarse flour that is fed to animals. The saw mills also use the hammer mill to transform trim scrap into fine pieces that can be used as boiler fuel.

The hammer mill uses a simple principle to operate. The machine is made up of a steel drum that contains a rotating shaft inside. The shaft can be either vertical or horizontal depending on the alignment of the machine. There are hammers that are attached to the shaft so that they can swing when it rotates. The large pieces of material are fed into the drum when they collide with the rotating hammers. Fine pieces of the material will be ejected from the drum through various screens with different sizes. The output will depend on the size of screens that you use. The mill is used in primary applications such as household activities. In such applications, it uses less current that can be supplied by a single-phase source. There are secondary and tertiary application that require more current and hence a three phase source. There is a hammer mill that can operate without a screen. It is fitted with a complex airflow system as a substitute. The manufacturer will advise you depending on the intended application.

is the steel drum replaceable?
Posted by: *izzy* | August 31, 2016, 1:45 pm
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