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Why Invest in the Impact Mill?

Milling through impact systems can be an incredibly useful means of getting the job done. An impact mill is essentially a series of small steel hammers (though they aren’t literally hammers) that rotate in mid-air inside the machine. When these steel devices strike grains of any type, the force is enough to shatter those grains into even finer particles. This process generates no friction, which can be an incredible advantage for milling systems for a number of reasons.


The impact mill is generally used for applications that won’t stand up so well to abrasive forces, thanks to the low-friction process that generates the grind. Importantly, this type of mill is a versatile machine, capable of accepting a number of external configurations to broaden its potential uses – medium grinding, for instance, as opposed to its much stronger typical use.


The impact mill offers a great many benefits for its users:


  • Energy-efficiency, thanks to its simplistic design
  • Blades and pieces can be replaced or upgraded with relative ease
  • Low operating costs, compared to more traditional milling approaches
  • Adjustable strength output allows for variably-sized results
  • No friction generated means a longer working life and less potential for error


The advantages offered by the impact mill are numerous and definitely make it an investment worth considering in any arena where milling is a necessity. If you’re at all interested in these phenomenal products, feel free to give us a call at Classifier Milling, or to contact us through this website! Our team consists of highly trained experts in milling machinery and technique, and would be more than happy to help you with exactly what you need.

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