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Achieving A Fine Grind For Your Industrial Application

A lot of grinding machines are used to reduce the size particles depending on its application. However, many industries require particles to be ground to a particular size. To achieve the fine grind that these industries demand, certain machines are used. Every grinding machine results in different sizes of particles.


We at Classifier Milling Systems have a variety of options for you to achieve the fine grind that you need.


A fine grind is a huge part in the processing of raw ingredients or spices that companies use in their products. It’s not just used in food but also in the pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, paint, and paper.   This process produces micro-powder. It is a more efficient form of raw material that is readily available to use for different purposes after it has undergone the fine grinding procedure.


At CMS, we take great pride in our fine grinding machines due to the energy efficiency and accessibility that they offer. The fine grind powder is safe from cross-contamination even when used in turnovers of products. It has a long-lasting capability, resulting in a fine grind for your materials.


Simple, easy to manage, maintain and with a hassle-free storage – it’s easy to see why we’re a leader in manufacturing fine grinding machines. In case there’s parts you need replaced, repaired, or systems you need serviced, we have various parts available and service you can depend on. With 24-hour customer service and technical support that is readily available nationwide, you can trust us to give you the best service and products.


We at Classifier Milling Systems are here to help you achieve that fine grind for your industrial application. We have such a wide range of products available for you. From air swept classifier systems and mills, to hammer and pin mills, you can never go wrong with our machines.

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