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Available Replacement Parts for Hammer Mills

Hammer mills have different parts that may break, get worn out or even require regular replacement over time. Although each part plays a role central to the performance of the mill, regular inspection and maintenance is required. This ensures that the mill retains a longer operational service life, with minimal mechanical breakdowns. Here is a list of common parts that may require regular replacement during the life of a hammer mill.


Motor bearings

Most parts of a hammer mill have ball bearings that get worn out over time, especially when the mill is tasked with performing heavy duty tasks. The balls in the bearings may also break or become loose over time, prompting the need for regular replacement. To retain the mill in a fully operational state, the balls should offer couplings on the moving parts while reducing the amount of friction among them considerably.



A hammer mill has several screens whose mesh size determines the size of the crushed granules and the fineness of the powder being ground. As part of regular and routine maintenance, the meshes should be inspected and any changes from the standard size immediately corrected by replacing the screens. This ensures that you always get powder and particles of the same size throughout your project.


The Feeder system

The inlet through which materials being crushed enter a mill is called a feeder. In its design, the feeder system has a regular shape and determines the capacity of the mill, especially where the input materials are used as a scale of measuring efficiency. In such instances, any overstretched feeder systems should be immediately replaced to ensure standard operational environment through which the efficiency of the entire mill can be evaluated.


At Classifier Milling Systems we understand the critical parts of a hammer mill that require a keen eye when looking for excellent outcomes. We also stock numerous accessories as maybe required in repairing and maintaining your mills. Talk to us today and get a professional quote on authentic well standardized accessories.


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