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Classifier Milling Systems Implements a 3-Phase Dry Capture System, Reduces Power Plant Emissions


Toronto, ON – April 2011 - Classifier Milling Systems (CMS), the designer and manufacturer of first-class processing equipment and systems for worldwide applications, has pioneered a “one stop solution” for reducing the emissions excreted by coal-fired power plants, flue gas desulphurization. Using their milling technology, milled proprietary materials and expert engineering capabilities, CMS is playing a significant role in the critical field of pollution and emission control with a 3-phase impregnation of flue-gas streams.  

Providing a “turn-key” solution that specifically addresses the emission issues surrounding the global coal-fired power generation industry, CMS now serves as a catalyst, providing stewardship to becoming a cleaner and positively contributing sector.  

From material and equipment supply, engineering expertise and processing knowledge, and the R&D learnings, CMS provides a proven “one stop solution” that has become the defacto, viable, cost-effective, and more environmentally-friendly route for those seeking to become world leaders in emission control. 

CMS’s President & CEO Todd Vanderhart explains that, “While there are those who’ve tried to replicate the solution we’ve created, none have been able to come close.  We have developed and revised the technology and the proprietary materials specifically for the coal-fired power generation industry. We’ve also worked diligently with our allies through extensive trials across North America in order to perfect our process and establish a benchmark for emission reductions. This is an exciting, emerging market. We’re proud of the role we’ve been asked to play by some of the most prominent organizations in the industry today.”

This 3-phase dry capture project focuses on the reduction of SOx and NOx gases, addresses Mercury emissions and attacks the excretion of CO2 into the atmosphere. 

A forward-thinking project with significant environmental and economical impacts, CMS is widely respected and recognized as revolutionizing the global emission control effort. 

A complete solutions provider, CMS is a quality equipment manufacturer and toll processor with extensive expertise in the size reduction/air pollution control industry offering dependable, proven equipment, materials and knowledge. The company also has contract processing facilities in Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania that are focused on the production of sorbent materials for FGD. 

To learn more, please contact CMS at 877.353.6455, or by email at Visit the company’s website at