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Differentiating Milling And Grinding

The terms milling and grinding are widely used in the manufacturing industry. While they both refer to the process of breaking down or reducing particles to smaller sizes, there is a difference between the two.


Milling and grinding are both very similar industrial processes with a few differences.


On one hand, milling is typically used when particles are separated and dispersed in a liquid. Once they have been milled, the correct formulation is required to keep the particles from re-attaching and forming into large clumps. As such, milling is commonly used by industries where products are more prone to agglomerate such as the coatings, inks and cosmetic industries.


The distinction between milling and grinding lies in the fact that the latter is referred to as the process of actually taking particles down to reduce their size. This reduction of particles to nanometers results in achieving longer-lasting and more durable end-products. Grinding is commonly used by the food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical and electronic industries.


Despite this slight difference, both milling and grinding use a variety of milling machines. These include horizontal and vertical mills, basket mills, air classifying mill systems, and many more. We at Classifier Milling Systems manufacture these machines which are specifically designed and engineered to effectively reduce particles in a range of sizes.


For instance, our line of horizontal mills provide attrition to process the materials which are fed into the chamber. They are properly equipped to keep the materials in the chamber as the materials are fed out of it. They are also sufficiently cooled to prevent overheating from the tremendous amount of energy consumed to process the material and achieve the desired particle size.


In particular, our hammer mills are one of the most widely used grinding mills that perform particle size reduction through high speed rotating impact. The material being grinded is crushed by particle-to-particle impact, repeated impact of the hammer, and its collisions with the chamber wall.


So clearly, while milling and grinding share the same goal of reduced the size of a specific material, each process is designed to do a specific task. For all of your milling and grinding needs, we at Classifier Milling Systems can provide you with the products for your specific application!

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