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Examining the Wide Use of Hammer Mill Grinder Systems

The hammer mill grinder is an impact-type grinding system used across a plethora of industries, particularly those which require large, irregularly sized materials be processed into smaller particles. An example of an industry which relies on this principle is ore processing, where large pieces of ore must be crushed into smaller pieces which can be processed in further down the chain.


In that sense, the hammer mill grinder is extremely efficient, able to handle vast quantities of material at a time, and deliver results in short order too.


Hammer mill grinders are available in a number of configurations but one major differentiating factor is when they are screened or screenless. With the screened system, processed material filters through the screen once the particle size is sufficiently small. With screenless systems, a channel of air is used to separate small particles from larger sizes. Which configuration is applied depends on trends prevalent in the industry and which facility is most convenient for the user.


So where is the hammer mill grinder used? In a number of quite diverse applications, actually. Here are a few industries which use hammer mills:


  • In agriculture in crushing grains to make fine powders; simply for making feed for livestock; extracting juices and more
  • Widely in the ore processing industry to break down large chunks of ore into smaller pieces which can then undergo chemical and mechanical treatment
  • Hammer mill grinder systems are used commonly to shred paper
  • They are common in automotive recycling, used to scrap automobiles
  • Hammer mill grinders are mainstay in the pharmaceutical industry, being used for continuous production


Hammer mill grinder systems have been in favour for their versatile operation and the custom installation which allows business owners to tailor milling and grinding to their own production schedules. For instance, hammer mills are great at sustained milling operations, but they can be reasonably easily be configured for batch production as well. It is for this reason they have become exceedingly popular in research and development settings where demand for material is in relatively smaller batches.

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