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Selection of the most appropriate type of grinding mill to use depends on a number of factors. If these factors are not considered, then one might end up wasting power or getting poor results. The first thing to consider is power. There is no type of mill machine that can run without power. The user will have to consider the available source of power within their location before purchasing the machine. For instance, if the buyer lives in a rural set up where there is no electricity, then they may have to consider using diesel-powered mills. If the buyer owns a couple of horses, then a horse mill would be a more economical choice.

Different results can be achieved depending on the working principle of a specific type of grinding mill. Some mills can produce very fine grades while others are best for production of coarse particles. Most of them will however allow the owner to select the grade of ground material they wish to produce. When it comes to micro grinding, one will have to consider purchasing an impact mill for the best results. Otherwise, the buyer is free to choose from the other types of grinders available.

Power consumption is a major concern when it comes to selection of a grinding mill. Some types of mills are known for high power consumption while other is low power consumers. If at all the grinder is meant for large scale grinding, then it would be economical to use the powerful types for maximum efficiency. Smaller grinding operations are better done by the smaller simpler styles, which consume low units of power. One may also consider using the recent screenless types of grinders for better efficiency and lower power consumption. However, these types can be quite expensive as compared to the traditional mills. These are just some of the factors to consider when buying grinding machines. 

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