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Pin Mill

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Pin MillEnlarge

The Pin Mill


The pin mill is a very effective product that is at the top of our list of grinding mills for sale. The pin disc – or pulverizer – in a Classifier Milling Systems Pin Mill uses the internal circulation of material for producing fine grinds at high capacities. When you’re looking at the top grinding mills for sale, the pin mill should definitely be one of your biggest choices.


Depending on the product being ground and the fineness required, an inverter drive allows the operator to change particle size without shutting down the grinding mill. CMS manufactures their replacement parts for this grinding mill to the highest precision standards to ensure a continued and high-efficiency performance. When you purchase one of your grinding mills for sale from us, you’re making an investment that is guaranteed to pay off. 


How the Pin Mill Works:

  • The material to be ground is pneumatically or mechanically conveyed from the hopper to a Pin Rotor where the break-up of the material occurs.
  • Acceptable ground particles are then drawn downward through the exhaust and go to the collector.
  • Lowered power consumption is vital here, and that is realized by the efficiency of material transportation, resulting in lower operating costs.
  • This totally dust-free operation means nuisance-dust savings and virtually no product loss.
  • CMS also offers a size reduction system complete with cyclones, dust collectors, fans and discharge valves.


Easy Cleaning and Maintenance of the Pin Mill:

  • The pin mill cover is hinged which means all of the components in contact with the grinding material can be easily accessed and cleaned.
  • The whole pin mill assembly can be vertically extracted for maintenance or any needed repair work.

Our pin mills are both easy to maintain and efficient to use. Browse through our inventory of grinding mills for sale so that you can take advantage of the best mills in the industry.