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Important Tips to Use When Working With Size Reduction Equipment

Grinding may prove to be a hard task especially when one doesn’t have the necessary tips required for maximum efficiency. If you are one of those in the category of beginners in the field of grinding, then it’s high time you used some of the following tips next time you use size reduction equipment.

First things first, what is the moisture content of material to be ground? Dry grinding requires you to ensure that the moisture content of the raw material is below 2%. You may have to use some kind of gauge to determine the moisture content of the raw material. However, you may apply sun drying whenever you are dealing with domestic milling where you don’t have the necessary equipment.

Most types of size reduction equipment require you to use some form of additive throughout the grinding process. The additive may either be in powder form or liquid form.  There are numerous functions performed by grinding additives. First of all, the additives reduce the harmful effects of moisture during the grinding process. They allow you to work with relatively moist material in dry grinding. Secondly, they reduce formation of charges on particles during grinding. This means that they are able to minimize the effects of static charges on the grinder. Above all, they act as lubricants in the system and prevent agglomeration of particles by acting as a partitioning agents between particles.

There are a few things you should avoid when dealing with size reduction equipment. First of all, avoid grinding materials that are smaller than the recommended size as per the manufacturer specifications. Fine materials should be removed from the grinder as soon as they are formed. Some machines used pressure to make the separation more effective while others apply the principle of centrifugal repulsion. You should also avoid working with extremely large pieces that may end up damaging the grinders in the machine. 


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