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Pin or Hammer: Choosing A Grinding Mill

A grinding mill has many applications in a diverse range of industries. Classifier Miller Systems has a whole range of systems to choose from, including the pin mill and the hammer mill. These two grinding mills essentially do the same thing, but have very distinct differences.


Whether you choose the pin mill or the hammer mill, you’ll find the grinding mill that’s right for you!


Pin Mill

The Pin Mill is the preferred grinding mill in the pharmaceutical industry due to the small particle sizes that it’s capable of producing. The output of this grinding mill is a homogenous, since pin mills by design output a uniform product.


Moreover, these particle sizes can be adjusted to give you the fine grind that you want! The mill doesn’t even need to be shut off when adjusting size; you can simply change the particle size this grinding mill outputs during operation!


The pin mill is a relatively small machine that doesn’t even produce dust! This means that essentially none of the product is lost during the operation, since everything is grinded down to the size you specifically require!


This grinding mill also offers easy maintenance due to its hinged cover. Any and all components that come in contact with the grinding material can be accessed and cleaned with little to no hassle!


Hammer Mill

While the hammer mill is not the grinding mill of choice in the pharmaceutical industry, it still offers a wide variety of benefits, that are used in a wide range of applications. A hammer mill is capable of producing fruit juice, shredding paper, crushing rocks, and so much more!


The hammer mill, like the pin mill, offers easy maintenance. The structure has a single access point which can quickly and conveniently be accessed for maintenance, service, and repairs!


This grinding mill consumes less fuel, which results in lower operating costs. Because of the lower operating costs, this mill has reduced downtime!


Although you are unable to adjust the particle size of this grinding mill’s output during operation, the bottom of a hammer mill can be adjusted to accommodate whatever particle size you desire before operation!


At Classifier Milling Systems, our grinding mill systems are high quality and offer many benefits both financially, and functionally. If you think a pin mill or hammer mill is right for you, contact us today to get the grinding mill of your choice!

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