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Outdated Equipment Refurbishment

Outdated Equipment Refurbishment
Outdated Equipment Refurbishment

Let CMS Help Breathe New Life into Your Used Milling and Grinding Equipment


With a little tender loving care and a lot of technical wisdom, your old milling and grinding machines might still be able to perform. Have one of CMS’s technicians assess your used equipment. Given their experience, they’ll be able to quickly determine your best course of action. Whether it’s best to replace your current milling and grinding machines or to refurbish them, CMS can help you determine and follow through with an informed decision.


Now, you can also save time by using media! Send along your video links or pictures and CMS’s online sales staff can work with you to provide a course of action and a cost estimate, in the interest of speeding things along and providing you with all the information you need to make the right decision for you.


Contact us to learn more.


Time to Upgrade Your Existing Milling and Grinding Machines?

Investing in newer technologies might be the answer in upgrading, as they make laborious tasks quick and painless.


Talk to Classifier Milling Systems to learn how you can make gains when upgrading your equipment such as your milling and grinding machines. Their attractive trade-in program makes the purchase of a new milling and grinding system easy to pursue.


Explore today’s technologies! Take the time to learn what’s now available for your facility. Newer, innovative and more efficient designs can take your business to that next level, and CMS can show you how.


Expanding? Upgrade Your Milling and Grinding System and Gain!


Upgrading your milling and grinding equipment can lead to the following gains right off the bat:

  • Higher Capacities
  • Tighter distributions
  • Lower temperature
  • Energy efficient
  • Access to affordable replacement parts
  • Cost-effective transitions
  • Technical support and advice that’s just a call away


Learn how upgrading your existing equipment to a CMS Air Swept Classifier Mill or System can impact your production.