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The Central Role of Milling and Grinding

Milling and grinding are essential operations in industrial scale food and chemical production. They are employed for processing, refining, particle size reduction, as well as analyzing products or samples, packaged meal preparation, or for quality control in laboratory and factory settings.


While milling and grinding do not require particularly modern machinery, particle size reduction can produce extremely accurate results following three main scientific principles:


  • Rittinger’s law - reduction below 0.05 mm
  • Bond’s law - 50 mm down to 0.05 mm
  • Kick’s law - for particles bigger than 50 mm


With CMS’s expert consulting, training, and installation of grinding and milling tools, your enterprise can accurately reduce particle size and improve the overall quality of any final product. Grinding and milling processes are not only central in the food and pharmaceutical industry but are also employed in manufacturing electronics, plastics, nanotechnology in advanced R&D, and renewable energy. There is also strict control of particle size in modern nanomaterials and biofuels.


Grinding and milling play a central role in product analysis and quality control by providing your enterprise with highly measurable reduction and separation of particles during processing, ensuring consistency, purity and uniformity.


They enable mass production of products like flour, coffee, pharmaceutical materials and are even employed in metal working and recycling. Materials for construction like concrete and cement are also processed with grinding and milling applications.


Advanced milling and grinding machinery also provides manufacturers and facilities with the ability to capture data and gather documentation on quality in order to meet regulatory standards on safety and health.



At Classifier Milling Systems, we lead the industry by providing countless industries with the gear, tools and expertise needed to meet industrial and mass commercial demands. We can provide customized installation of essential machinery like hammer, impact, power grinding and particle reduction mills along with expert training and consulting. We also offer refurbishing and upgrade services.


Contact us today to learn more about high-quality grinding and milling or to request a consultation with an expert.

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