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The Hammer Mill Process

The hammer mill operates on the principle of size reduction through grinding. To achieve this, the mill has an evacuation zone in which the materials being crushed are placed before turning them into powder of different particulate sizes through crushing and grinding. The degree of fineness of the powder depends on a number of factors among them the density of the material and the pressure to which it is exposed. For example, at the mill evacuation stage, only fine and small sized particles are filtered. These include planer shavings, paper, and biomass. It is at this stage that pneumatic discharge occurs in processing the materials.


Powder sifting phase: From evacuation, the powder is sifted and the size of the granules graded depending on their ability to go through a series of sieves. Regardless of the method used at the evacuation stage, the same size of particles is achieved. This is done by adjusting the screen size on the filter, the operational shaft speed and the hammer configuration. The consequence is that the hammer mill automatically alters the size of the particles as configured. When rotated faster, centrifugal forces make the lifter and finer particles move up as compared to the heavier particles that remain at the bottom of the screen. A typical case of the hammer mill process involves the creation of easily friable particles whose size depends on the moisture content of the source materials.


Emptying phase: Once sieving and separation of the small particles from the large ones has been done, emptying of the outputs in different outlets is done. To achieve optimal separation, the use of the right equipment combined with the required level of expertise is required.


At Classifier Miller Systems, we have both the skills and equipment required to deliver exceptional results. Each of our hammer mill is automated so you get the exact size of the particles as you initially specify prior to the processing.


Great automation product.
Posted by: Lior | March 11, 2017, 6:05 pm
Very valuable information.
Posted by: Johnny | September 19, 2016, 2:45 pm
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