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The Importance of the Modern Hammer Mill

One of the tools used in crushing or shredding materials into smaller pieces in the manufacturing industry is the hammer mill. This piece of equipment performs its task through the repeated blows from little hammers.  They are often found in manufacturing plants and agricultural areas, where its specialized function creates smaller portions of larger ingredients quickly and consistently.


The hammer mill’s main tool is a steel drum set on a rotating shaft or drum.


On this shaft or drum, a number of small hammers are attached which swing from the central rotor. When the rotor is turned on, these hammers shred or crush the materials fed into the steel drum. The crushed material is then removed from the drum in smaller pieces.


There are many functions for a hammer mill. In an industrial setting, these machines have the ability to crush, grind and pulverize a large number of materials and ingredients. One of the best examples is a rock crusher, which when fed the ingredients for cement, can produce the powder used to bind aggregate materials to form concrete.


In an agricultural setting, animal feed ingredients are crushed for meal portions for livestock. In the household, the simplest form of a hammer mill is the ice crusher, which is able to make ice cubes into fine ice crystals for sherbets and other cold beverages.


The first hammer mill is traced back to the Zhao dynasty in 4th century China. While the principle remained, the same, early hammer mills used running water to power the rotor. Nowadays, smaller hammer mills can be operated using a household electrical outlet.


Larger manufacturing settings use much larger hammer mills that are powered by diesel or electric motors. Depending on the size and function, a hammer mill is an integral tool in decreasing the volume or thickness of products in a short time frame.


At Classifier Milling Systems (CMS), we offer a hammer mill grinder for our clients in the chemical and manufacturing industries. With thousands of successful installations, these mills continue to perform in a superior manner. Looking for replacement parts? We regularly keep our warehouse inventory updated with the parts you need to ensure successful operation. CMS stocks various sizes of screens and liners, with all types of hammers in stock.


Call us today at 1-877-353-MILL (6455) to learn more!

Growing up on a farm, you see hammer mills everywhere!
Posted by: Kyle | November 20, 2017, 2:50 pm
Cool to learn about the everyday hammer mills we use!
Posted by: Julia | October 24, 2017, 10:16 am
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