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Different equipment you can use for particle size reduction

There are different materials and particle processing equipment available in the market today. These include a diversity of particle reduction mills such as ball mills, ring mills, cage mills and hammer mills among others. Other equipment available in the market today include crushers, grinders and pulverizers. Each of these equipment works on different principles which determine the size of the resultant granules in the powder. Typically, size reduction equipment work on the principle that any material exposed to energy will shear, deform or crumble from its initially intact structure.


Crushers and grinders

Size reduction equipment can be classified as crushers or grinders. This class of equipment is suitable for breaking materials into fine particles. Most equipment in this class operate on the principle of centrifugation while the rest use screens in separating the particles contained in the material under processing. Some crushers are used after the bulk of the material has been broken while others can be used at any stage of the process. As a consequence, these equipment are classed into either primary or secondary crushers, grinder.


Lump breakers

These are used for breaking large lumps of material into small portions to be handled by other machines for refinement. In reducing the size of the materials before they can be loaded into specialty equipment for further grinding. By reducing the bulk of the materials being ground, the size reduction equipment in this class create an opportunity for further processing into fine powder.


For a complete catalogue of the equipment under our stock, please contact us with the details of your product, and we will get back to you with the most appropriate solution for your project. From our rich catalogue, we have equipment in all classes, making us a reliable partner you can trust for the best. Try us today and see the difference.

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